The weather in the UK at the moment is perpetual rain, the nearby river Thames has burst it’s banks and flooded hundreds of homes. We’ve pretty much stayed indoors lately. So to flex my photography muscles i’ve been trying my hand at indoor photography. Indoor photography doesn’t have to mean white backgrounds and big light set-up’s. This glitter canvas is a beautiful backdrop that really compliments the nostalgic whimsical feel I wanted to create. I’d had an image in my mind of a vintage rocking horse with a little rider in a field with golden evening Summer light pouring over the long grass and back lighting the subject. So it was a thrilling surprise discovery to just happen upon this perfect rocking horse in my local vintage shop. I think it works great as an indoor prop as well. I’m always on the look out for interesting props and accessories!

If you would like an indoor portrait session like this then all I need is a large window or patio door and space to set up my equipment. Or if you’re interested in creating that Summer’s evening rocking horse look then get in touch by hitting the Contact button above!

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