I get so caught up with taking photographs ‘for work’ that I forget to pick up my camera just ‘for fun.’ Willa turned five last Sunday and i didn’t take one photo – not even on my iPhone – sometimes I just want to be present and in the moment and not looking at life through the viewfinder. Then I feel guilty for not documenting our family the way my dad did. Growing up in Brunei without the distractions of tv and games consoles, pouring over family albums and giggling at hairstyles and reminiscing over the Christmas and holiday snaps was a form of entertainment.

The girls are my little shadows, wherever I go their giggles and chatter follow me. Today felt like Summer’s last goodbye so I decided I wasn’t going to sit in my digital dark room editing, nope I would go out and enjoy the warm sunshine with a good book (an actual book, not the Kindle!) and it wasn’t long before the girls joined me. Willa made a tea party for her penguin and it was such a simple afternoon of idyllic nothing that it felt right to capture it for posterity.

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