I’m so excited to share this shoot with the gorgeous Isabella. She’s so beautiful and so much fun! The weather was damp and grey and it was touch and go whether we could go ahead but Isabella is a real trooper and the rained stopped just long enough for us to capture these images. We were even rewarded by the sun peeking through the clouds towards the end.

I adore the sweet moments between mother and daughter. I hate having my photograph taken (ironic i know!) but i also want to exist in photographs for my children. I have precious memories of thumbing through photo albums as a child in particular i was fascinated by a small yellow faded photograph printed on card of my great great great great grandmother in a black dress buttoned up to her neck and her hair pulled in to a bun with a middle parting and a lace cap and i would spend hours pondering on what she was like and taking in all the details of what she was wearing. Without that small image from the past i would never have known who she was or what she looked like. She exists to me because of a photo, how simple and powerful is that? We mums’ spend so much time running away from the camera when we should embrace it for our children and our future generations.

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